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how we started


Prior to starting Angora, Benjamin Wood, founder & CEO, was building his own ecommerce brands and seeing significant success doing so. Seeing his own success Benjamin decided that he wanted to spread what he was doing with the goal of making ecommerce more accessible to everyone. In June 2019 Benjamin went from selling to partnering with others to allow them to enter the world of ecommerce. Since that time, Angora has met the goal of scaling quickly and sustainably while keeping an eye on the big picture and the future. We have seen major success because we have built the right team. We don’t just look for people that fit our culture and know what they’re doing. We bring in people that are hungry for growth and will give their everything to make Angora the best alternative to traditional investments.

our mission.

To reinvent the way people invest by developing partnership-based ecommerce businesses.

our vision.

To build the largest partnership-based ecommerce portfolio in the world.

our values.


Our business model relies heavily on partnership, so our highest value is transparency. We want our partners to know exactly where their money is going and how we are working for them.


Collaboration is the backbone of our business, without it we don’t exist. We work with industry leading experts to develop the highest value ecommerce assets.

student mentality

The E-commerce space is constantly changing and we must change with it. In taking a student mentality we are capable of always learning, evolving, and growing in order to stay at the cutting edge of the E-commerce landscape.


Our ambition is unmatched. No one will outwork Angora. We go above and beyond for every single partner we work with and we deliver results.


We do not settle for simply being the best. We want to rebuild ecommerce through innovation. We know the future is coming and we are ready.

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