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Convert Your Clicks to Sales

You’ve done the work to get your Amazon listing ranked highly in searches. You can see that people are seeing your product and that’s incredibly exciting. The problem is that you’re not converting those searches to sales. What’s the deal? How do you get these people to actually buy your product once they’ve seen it? Turns out there is a lot you can do to convert those sales once you get eyeballs on your product. Let’s go ahead and cover some of the ways you can get those sales.

Product Photography

One of the major factors in getting your sales is, intuitively, the way your product looks. Potential customers want to see the thing you’re selling. This includes both clear shots of the product itself and shots of the product in action. Amazon prefers to the point that it’s basically a requirement that your first image on the listing is a picture of the product on a white background. This requirement may feel stifling, but it’s really quite the opposite. This is the shot that makes your product pop. If you’re doing your job right you will have a product that looks engaging, especially against a stark white background.

The shot against the white background is the shot that Amazon most values, but that won’t necessarily be the case for your potential customer. They’ll want to see the product in action, which allows you to show off how your product looks in the real world. If you’re selling headphones, get a shot of someone actually wearing them. If those headphones are being marketed to runners or gym goers, make sure that’s where you show them being used. If you’re selling framed prints of drawings of whales, make sure you have a shot or two of those prints hung up on walls with other decor that really makes your product pop. The “action” shot is your best tool to both show off your creativity and to show the customer how well the product will fit into their life.


How often have you been looking for something to fulfill a need in your life and you’ve found what looks like the perfect product, only to see it has bad reviews so you skip it? It happens to me all the time. Obviously this is the last thing you want to happen to your products. Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be much you can do to prevent bad reviews, except there is. You can do the most important thing and sell a good product and provide good customer service when you need to. The good reviews will come. You can’t please everyone, as we all know, but as long as you have a good product and good service, you will get overwhelmingly good reviews and you won’t have to worry about this part.


This part ties into reviews just a bit, but another way to convert sales is to create honest listings for your products. There is more to it than just coldly listing facts about your product though. In order to create a great listing that will convert clicks to sales you need to identify the need your product is filling. This is a step that should have been taken during your product research phase, but too many sellers don’t carry this research to their potential customers. What this means is that when you are writing out your listings you bring up the needs you identified during product research and how your product answers that need. Even the classic question and answer method of something like, “What does this drawing of a whale provide to you? A way to show off your cetaceous love.” is effective. Though you are likely better off with something more subtle, such as, “Show off your cetaceous love with this marvelous whale drawing.” You are still answering the need, but you’re taking up less space so you can fit in more writing, which means answering more needs you are fulfilling.


This has only been a surface level look at how you can improve your sales conversion rate, but the three things I have touched on here are the three biggest ways that listings can under perform. As long as you have good photography, are honest in your listings, and provide a good product with good service in order to get good reviews, your listing will thrive. When you’ve got that initial performance sorted out, that's when you can get into the nitty gritty and make tweaks that will even further improve the performance of your listing. Those little tweaks are specific to each product and the demographics they serve, so they’re beyond the ability of this blog to diagnose and provide solutions for, but by the time you get to that point you’ll be an expert on your own and I believe you will be able to figure it out and give your listing its best life.

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