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Product Videography: You Should Be Adding Videos To Your Product Listings

Normally I would make the title for my weekly blog post a question that I answer in the first paragraph before I go into detail, but this week that seems unnecessary because there is no question, videos should be a part of your product listings. Now, with that said, let’s do the thing where I go into detail on why that is the case in convenient chunks based on specific things!

Say More

It should go without saying that if you’re selling things online that means a customer won’t have that thing in their hand before they purchase it. This is a significant hurdle for a lot of people when it comes to buying products. People want to have the thing they are buying in their hand to check it out and see all of the details for what they are buying with their eyeballs. There is no way to overcome this issue on the tactile front, (at least not yet, VR technology continues to advance,) but you can at least give them the visuals of your product from every angle. The old cliche about a picture saying a thousand words is taken to the extreme when you’re multiplying that thousand words by twenty-four frames per second. Imagine how many words you can fit into a thirty second video. It’s 720,000 words, I’ll save you the math. For reference, the entire Lord of the Rings trilogy has 576,459 words. If the old cliche is true you are saying more with your thirty second clip than Tolkien said in his entire trilogy, so get those videos on your listings!

Hide Less

People appreciate it when it’s clear that you aren’t hiding anything. If you create a video for your product and your product actually matches the product you deliver to the customer. Doing so helps build brand loyalty, which is important. When you are open and honest with your customers you create happy customers, and happy customers return to your products. It is absolutely worth the effort of creating videos for your products to retain customers.

Show Off, You’ve Earned It

Ideally, you should be proud of the products you are producing. A proud producer creates better products than an indifferent one. This pride extends to your customers when they get their hands on their products. What this means for you and your product is that your passion will extend through the video in a way it won’t in just standard photos. With the videos you can have more fun with it than you can with the necessary standards of product photography. When you create fun things you create better results for both yourself and your customers. With videos on your listings you can really let your creativity and passion shine through and potential customers can absolutely tell when you have done so.


The conclusion here is as obvious as the opening paragraph was; videos are your listings are an awesome and powerful tool that you should absolutely be taking advantage of every chance you get. Obviously, some things will benefit from videos more than others. You don’t need videos if you’re selling books, for example, but for things where what you’re selling is the tangible item instead of the story held within you are definitely better off creating these videos and potential customers will absolutely appreciate it.

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