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All products are sourced and produced under FDA and CDC Regulations. 

FDA-Registered. 4 Layers of Protection. Fit-Tested for Ultimate Comfort & Protection. Soft Comfortable Fabric. Filtration Efficiency: > 95%

KN95 Masks (10 Pack)

SKU: KN954lmask
  • Size: 16.2*10.6 CM

    Materials: 30% non-woven farbic. 30% melt-blown cloth. 40% nanc-fiber layer. 

    Carried Standard: GB2626 2006

    Production Date: 04/26/2020

    Batch Number: 20200426

    Shelf Life: 5 Years

    Manufacturer: Zhengzhou Ruipu Medical Tech Co

    Distributed by: Angora Solutions



    • Orders of 9,000 units and under are expected to arrive within 7-10 business days. 

    • Orders of 9,000 units and above are expected to arrive within 3-4 weeks.

    • Maximum Shipping Capacity: 500,000 units (contact for details)

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