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product sourcing

We're your new sourcing team; tell us what you want and we'll make it.


the old model.

  • Money wasted on subpar products
  • Time wasted on unreliable factories & suppliers
  • Limited customization & creativity when producing goods

the angora model.

  • High quality & low pricing
  • Accelerated commercial prototype lead time
  • Full product creativity & customization

we use only the best suppliers

We understand the importance of branding and providing a quality product. Our product sourcing specialists work tirelessly to ensure that the product you are listing will be the best version of that product.

focus on your customers...


while we focus on your product.


time saved with angora. 

prototype lead time
Bar Chart 2.png

doing it yourself

sourcing agent

sourcing agency


get a commercial prototype in as little as 3 weeks. 

Product Sourcing.png

interested in selling on amazon? check out our blog. 

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